I have long held a great affection for our local community and wish to increase my involvement in a new capacity.  If elected, I intend to focus on responsible growth that bolsters our quality of life, is environmentally sound, and acknowledges the diversity of our community.  I believe that a measured and thoughtful approach, while understanding that we are truly in an exciting era alongside the greater Triangle area, is crucial to maintaining Mebane’s vibrant spirit.

Measured Growth

We need to acknowledge that growth in Mebane is happening and has been happening for many years. It’s no surprise because our City is truly amazing! It’s why my husband and I decided to stay here and raise our children. However, I want to stress my focus on responsible, measured growth that involves thoughtful planning.

My career in real estate has taught me the value of understanding the critical needs of proper city infrastructure planning such as: roads, water/sewer, sidewalks, parks, and emergency services for future planning. My work takes me all over the region and I’ve seen first hand what can happen when proper, in-depth planning and engineering is or is not considered.

We have a very talented and capable City staff at the helm. They already are looking to the future as well. Our City Department heads need to have a City Council that understands these concepts on a deeper level. My experience and knowledge compliments those needs well.

Current Needs

Over my 13 years in Mebane, I have been involved in several non-profit organizations. Each of these organizations seeks to improve critical needs in various areas and has given me insight on the needs of different demographics within the City. My conversations with you, fellow citizens, have also highlighted some pain points that are at the forefront of my mind.

Some of these pain points, like traffic challenges, are actively being addressed with the City and the NC DOT, but I have ideas on further action steps to explore to help with pedestrian safety, especially around our elementary schools. I applaud the work already being done by our BPAC (Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Committee) and wholeheartedly support their efforts.

Another topic that comes up often is bolstering the vitality of our Downtown. Having an active downtown is a precious asset to our community. I am taking steps to learn more about the Main Street program our City is participating in as well as encouraging innovative ways to further expand Downtown patronage.

Quality of Life

This is my favorite category to think about and discuss with my fellow Mebanites because you have amazing ideas for our City! It is also where I find myself thinking about improvements that will further enrich our lives.

We have a number of robust programs already in place either through the City to offer free or low cost recreation, health & wellness programs to everyone in the community. I am passionate about healthy living and ensuring all of our community members have the ability to access opportunities to enrich their well-being.

Taking it a step further, I support fulfilling needs where we may be lacking existing programs or facilities. Things like: access for all to learning how to swim, access to visual & performing arts programs, more adult recreation programs and expanding safe bike & ped routes. I also support a YMCA or expanding our current MACC (Mebane Arts & Community Center) to facilitate addressing those current gaps.

An additional aspect of our quality of life centers around making environmentally responsible decisions for our community. I am keenly aware of the importance of giving our children and grandchildren a clean, safe, and healthy community and will strive to promote ways we can do better.